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April 29th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

I am now feeling more and more compelled to buy into the conspiracy theory that holds that Jeremiah Wright has been saying crazier and crazier stuff of late in order generate a false “Sister Souljah Moment” for Obama. Now Obama wants to hold a “big press conference” to (one assumes) finally condemn Wright himself.

The only three possible explanations for Wright’s latest behavior are:

1) He authentically pissed at Obama. He’s been an important part of Obama’s life, acting as a mentor and (more importantly) a political sponsor who granted a chunk of his clout to establish the young politician in Chicago’s rather… complex local political scene. The statements he made were - almost certainly - things he and Obama had spoken about previously and he knows that Obama the Man agrees with much of what was said. And yet Obama the Candidate has spent the past month and a half slowly but surely distancing himself from Wright, under cutting the validity of his ministry and generally casting a dark pall over Wright’s entire career. So now Wright is employing a Scorched Earth tactic in response.

2) He’s taking one for The Team. Obama has failed to shake Wright with inspirational speeches and half-hearted, unconvincing criticisms of specific phrases uttered by the Reverend. The only remaining option is an outright condemnation - but it would weird to suddenly opt for that now that Wright has retired and Obama’s position is already a matter of record. So, as a final favor to his acolyte, Wright agrees to step up one last time and go totally batty in front of the press. Obama can now come out and condemn the Reverend outright (”This is not the man I once knew!”), hopefully squashing the scandal at long last. Wright, bruised, but still fabulously wealthy, retires to his mansion and waits for The Favor to be repaid.

3) He’s crazy. He’s always been crazy, but somehow nobody noticed. Obama’s Next Big Speech will effectively be an intervention as he tries to reach out to his poor, crazy friend.

I list the options in order of likelihood - though #2 is looking more and more reasonable as time goes on.


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