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Politics is everywhere.

May 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · Art, Politics

And I mean EVERYWHERE. In case you doubt me, consider the following:

This week marked the 5th anniversary of the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner.

And the title of this week’s episode of Transformers: Animated?

“Mission Accomplished.”

And lest anyone think it’s a coincidence, allow me to point out that the phrase “embolden the enemy” is used within the first 90 seconds of the episode. And shortly thereafter the “war against the Decepticons” shows up as an excuse for covering up the lies of the current regime in power.

It stops JUST shy of calling him “Optim-Obamus Prime.”

And after that a discussion of Megatron’s distaste for “Decepticon rebels blowing up space bridges whenever they feel like it.” Is our most nuanced discussion of Iraq ACTUALLY taking place on a children’s cartoon?

Seriously, this episode should either earn awards or get someone fired.

I can say with relative certainty that there were no subtle criticisms of the Reagan Administration in the original Transformers cartoon. I can also say with relative certainty - as I’ve noted before - that the new Transformers cartoon is AWESOME.


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