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Thoughts on Scott McClellan

May 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Politics

1) He’s a young guy whose political career is already over. He’s tainted by his association with Bush in the eyes of most people and he’s tainted in the eyes of Bush and Crew due to his poor performance on behalf of the Administration. Like Gonzalez and Brown and Ashcroft and Rumsfeld, he’s hated by the Left and shunned by the Right. He lacks the charisma to make it on his own and no one is going to waste the political capital necessary to bring him on board down the line. He’s a political albatross.

1.5) Even IF he wasn’t being shunned by his former cronies, said cronies are up to their eyeballs in trouble at the moment. The chances of that wing of the GOP surviving the next few years is extremely low and, by extension, any coattails McClellan might have hoped to ride will soon be torn away.

2) He read Ari Fleischer’s Bush-lovin’ memoir and saw how piss-poorly it sold. Wanting to make money to help support himself (see #1), he decided that there was only one sane path - throw Bush under the bus in his book.

3) He (wisely) relied on Internet Hullaballoo to sell mucho copies of his Bush Bashin’ Book. Mission most definitely accomplished.

I don’t think he had a change of heart or an epiphany or suddenly developed the courage to stand up for what he believed in. He was a mediocre hack that stumbled into a job he was poor at during a time when only either a truly insightful, charismatic figure OR a sociopathic liar could have done the job well. He got fired - partly as a scapegoat and partly for sucking at his job. Now, no one gives two shits about HIM, but he can make some bank from a vicious little tell-all screed.

Simple as that.


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