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June 1st, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

Dr. Dean and Crew probably shaved a couple of weeks off of the Democratic primary mess by making the otherwise terrible decision to half-seat Florida and Michigan’s delegates yesterday. While it hands the nomination to Obama by reducing Clinton’s options to either dropping out or crazily forcing an up or down vote AT the convention impossible, it’s come at a hefty price.

Choosing to seat half of their delegates isn’t significantly better than just deciding not to seat them at all. It gives you all of the negatives of not seating the delegates at all while ALSO undermining the validity of party rules AND pissing off Clinton’s supporters even more. Case in point:

Now, she’s obviously a bit of an extreme example, but that’s a good example of the type of voter Obama now has to placate. He really has no choice at this point but to offer Clinton some sort of position in his administration. The current buzz seems to be that he’s considering offering her the role of health secretary and allowing her to shepherd healthcare reform personally.

I can see that helping, but only if his campaign actually announces that publicly and then lets her hit the trail on his behalf. A handful of endorsements sprinkled between here and November from Clinton isn’t going to be sufficient to repair the rift that exists between her supporters and their party’s chosen candidate.


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