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Thoughts on tonight.

June 4th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics, Rants

1 - McCain

I’m not sure I would’ve popped up tonight if I were Big Mac, but such is life. He gave a mediocre speech to an anemic crowd for reasons that are unclear, at best.

That being said, attempting to undercut Obama’s “McCain = Bush” nonsense is probably not a bad idea. I’m just not sure I would’ve picked NOW to get that message across.

2 - Clinton

A heartfelt, emotional speech that - I am sure - made many Obama supporters quake a bit. I say that because Aubrey - an Obama supporter - was wracked with doubt as we watched her all-but-concede. People like my mother who supported Clinton wept because - as far as they’re concerned - the dream of women achieving true equality (in their lifetime) died tonight. In 2016, Hillary will be too old (as will many of them) and no female champion looms on the horizon. They will die without seeing a female President, so a lifetime of hope dies with Obama’s win tonight. The same would’ve been true if Obama has lost, but its illustrative of the awkward timing of this particular primary.

3 - Obama

A very strong speech. 90% of what he said was pretty damn good but his shameful lies and misrepresentations about Iraq continue to nauseate me. Until he stops habitually misrepresenting this most significant of moral issues, I simply cannot stomach the man. I stormed about, chugging vodka and being deeply disappointed that the lies continued tonight. I WANT to support this man, but I can’t.

4 - Misc.

“HONOR” signs from McCain’s team are just as annoying as “BELIEVE” signs from Obama’s.

CNN’s pre-poll-closing nonsense was hilariously awful. It was like an NPR telethon where they were promising to turn off the horrible, gibbering lunacy if - instead of money - people would call in with Superdelegate votes. Which, of course, failed.

5 - Tonight’s loser



On her way out, Clinton’s team played Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down - the lyrics of which are worth noting:

Hey, baby…

There ain’t no easy way out.

Hey, I…

Will stand - my - ground.

And I won’t - back - down.

So no bitching when this all goes sideways on you shortly. The lady warned you - she wants SOMETHING.


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