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Happy Cold, Dead Hands Day!

June 26th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics, Rants

With SCotUS finally ruling in favor of the individual’s right to bear arms today, the toughest part of the decades-long struggle for gun-rights in D.C. is over. Some are already arguing that today’s ruling has rendered guns a “non-issue” in American politics - which seems pretty darn premature in my eyes.

What seems likely to occur (in D.C., specifically) is:

- Some sort of sneaky nonsense that defers to the absolute letter of the SCotUS ruling while still deeply hamstringing the actual right to bear arms. Zoning rules will be used to keep legitimate dealers out of the city, a Byzantine bureaucracy will be constructed to hand out gun permits at a snail’s pace, weird restrictions will be placed on the sale of ammunition, etc. We’ve probably got another ten years of court cases ahead of us before the citizens of D.C. are ACTUALLY able to exercise their Constitutional rights.

- Very few people will go out and buy guns. The gun ban was actually fairly popular among D.C. residents and no sane person ACTUALLY believes that criminals were sitting around, waiting for a LEGAL avenue for gun purchases to arrive.

- The Democrats - at long last - have their “abortion-quality” issue. By which I mean something that SCotUS has ruled on rather definitively that they can safely rail against without having to worry about actually DOING anything related to the issue if elected. It will join abortion, “marriage protection” and flag burning on the list of totally vacuous political positions that candidates use to try and whip up the fringe of their base.

All that being said, this has been a pretty good SCotUS session in my view. Anything that weakens the application of the death penalty is good (though I’ll be damned if it’s not a bitch and a half to try and explain why you’re “pleased that child rape is no longer a capital offense”) and affirmation of the purpose and protection of the 2nd Amendment makes me very happy.

And the cynical bastard in me is somewhat amused that Exxon has managed to STILL not make restitution for the Valdez disaster. What a gloriously, glacially-slow, hilariously exploitable legal system we have!


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