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Dear Ralf.

July 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Art, Politics

Under no circumstances should you read this article. Seriously, it will cause your face to melt off.

Just to show you - BRIEFLY - what I’m protecting you from:

A cry for help goes out from a city beleaguered by violence and fear: A beam of light flashed into the night sky, the dark symbol of a bat projected onto the surface of the racing clouds . . .

Oh, wait a minute. That’s not a bat, actually. In fact, when you trace the outline with your finger, it looks kind of like . . . a “W.”

There seems to me no question that the Batman film “The Dark Knight,” currently breaking every box office record in history, is at some level a paean of praise to the fortitude and moral courage that has been shown by George W. Bush in this time of terror and war. Like W, Batman is vilified and despised for confronting terrorists in the only terms they understand. Like W, Batman sometimes has to push the boundaries of civil rights to deal with an emergency, certain that he will re-establish those boundaries when the emergency is past.

No need to thank me. It’s enough for me to know that you weren’t exposed to The Crazy directly.


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  • 1 ralf // Jul 27, 2008 at 8:04 am

    Thanks for the heads up. However, I am already the middle of composing a counter-diatribe….

    Besides, Bush is clearly Harvey Dent, i.e. the once popular political figure who pisses away the law he swore to uphold for the sake of revenge. But of course, these analogies are always fraught with problems, since they’re of course never 100%. After all, Two-face actually gets his own hands dirty and isn’t a moron….

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