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Quick debate thoughts.

September 27th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

I watched the debate away from a PC, so I’m just posting a few thoughts rather than a play by play:

- Has Obama always had those Reed Richards gray temples? It’s possible that I’ve never seen him in HD before or something, but it struck me immediately when he hit the screen.
- Flag pin on Obama, no flag pin on McCain.
- A fun game to play: Every time Obama said “John” I replaced it with “asshole”, since that’s clearly what he MEANT to say.
- McCain kept his cool the whole time while Obama seemed flustered a few times.
- The economic section of the debate made me want to cut my own head off. They were both awful. Obama delivered his awful better, I suppose, since he at least had coherent lists of awful ideas instead of just gibbering about having faith in The American Worker.
- The foreign policy portion was better, but still had some awful, awful moments - like when BOTH of them repeatedly referred to Iran’s “Revolutionary Guard” as the “Republican Guard.” Obama probably loses more points there, since he’s been the one who obsessively went after McCain for comparable gaffes in the past.
- The part where they played “Dueling War-moms” actually made me kind of uncomfortable. It was all sorts of obscene.

Overall, I can’t imagine anyone was swayed even slightly by either of them. If you went in in favor of either candidate, you almost certainly felt they were the stronger performer, but independents were probably just annoyed.

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