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Holy crap.

December 1st, 2004 · No Comments · Politics

Peaceful civil disobedience actually worked.

President Kuchma announced:

1. All parties have signed an agreement. It was a “genuine compromise.” There is going to be a revote, though I don’t think the type has been decided yet.

2. There is going to be an expert working group to look at the legal issues of the election. They will follow the recommendations of the Supreme Court.

3. All sides are renouncing violence.

4. The protesters are going to stop blocking government buildings.

5. There will be constitutional reform during the upcoming period.

Clearly good news for Our Team, but I have to wonder how people would’ve reacted if - in 2000 - the citizens of Washington DC (which is roughly 90% Democratic) had flooded the streets, stormed Congress and the Supreme Court and held the city hostage until we saw a new election. Kiev is a politically comparable area with a massively literate population that is seriously sympathetic to the Party In Opposition, so the scenarios are essentially the same. Would our government have tolerated such a display or would the riot gear and rubber bullets have been broken out on Day One?

Strange days, indeed.


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