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Sundevil, 15 years later.

May 9th, 2005 · No Comments · Politics, Rants, Technology

From the good folks at the cDc, a vicious (and dead-on) look back at the infamous Operation Sundevil and what’s followed it in the decade and a half since.

The snitch, snivelly little Gollum that he is, should inspire nothing but contempt for either side of the fence. The snitch is the kind of person who wants to do”neat stuff”, but he simply doesn’t have the balls to do so. So, along comes Joe Fed, with a big line about how “The Dictator” can be one of the cool kids (and even get a free Amiga 2000 to boot!) if he just plays along. No one with a semblance of personal integrity would ever go along with such a ploy, yet I hope this illustrates that the number of people who would sell out anyone for a piddly little amount is not insignificant. Every “movement” has people like this: narcs who get to use drugs with impunity or fake “revolutionaries” who get to play Che Guevara on the government dole.

[W]hen taking inventory of the state of privacy in the last fifteen years, one must come to the conclusion that there has been a dreadful deterioration since 1990. How quaint is Steve Jackson Games being raided by the Secret Service for publishing a “hacker manual” in the form of a cyberpunk Dungeons and Dragons type game in the era of the PATRIOT Act? The naivete of the Secret Service was appalling - hilarious, in fact - but at least they did seem to go through the formality of getting a warrant before the raid. In another fifteen years’ time, the notion of a “warrant” may be as antiquated as a Tymnet dialup port, and CARNIVORE sure makes “information wants to be free” sound mighty irrelevant.


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