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Holy shit.

June 9th, 2005 · 5 Comments · Misc., Politics, Rants

This poor kid came out to his parents who responded by shipping him off to a fundie Christian degayification program:

Well today, my mother, father, and I had a very long “talk” in my room where they let me know I am to apply for a fundamentalist christian program for gays. They tell me that there is something psychologically wrong with me, and they “raised me wrong.” I’m a big screw up to them, who isn’t on the path God wants me to be on. So I’m sitting here in tears, joing the rest of those kids who complain about their parents on blogs - and I can’t help it.

I wish I had never told them. I wish I just fought the urge two more years… I had done it for three before then, right? If I could take it all back.. I would, to where I never told my parents things and they always were mad at me– It’s better than them crying and depressed cause they will have no granchildren from me. It’s better than them telling me that there’s something wrong with me. It’s better than them explaining to me that they “raised me wrong.”

That a parent - ANY parent - could be so utterly and completely cruel and foolish is fucking MIND BOGGLING to me. Check out some of the bullshit (and - dear, sweet Zombie Jesus is there a LOT of bullshit) this kid will be subjected to in the “Refuge” program:

- Men must remove all facial hair seven days weekly, and sideburns must not fall below the top of the ear (the top of the ear is defined as where the ear meets the face below the temple). Clean business-like haircuts must be worn at all times. Hair must be long enough to be pinched between two fingers.

- The clients may not wear Abercrombie and Fitch or Calvin Klein brand clothing, undergarments, or accessories.

- LIA wants to encourage each client, male and female, by affirming his/her gender identity. LIA also wants each client to pursue integrity in all of his/her actions and appearances. Therefore, any belongings, appearances, clothing, actions, or humor that might connect a client to an inappropriate past are excluded from the program. These hindrances are called False Images (FI’s). FI behavior may include hyper-masculinity, seductive clothing, mannish/boyish attire (on women), excessive jewelry (on men), mascoting, and “campy” or gay/lesbian behavior and talk.

- No television viewing, going to movies, or reading/watching/listening to secular media of any kind, anywhere within the client’s and the parent’s/guardian’s control. This includes listening to classical or instrumental music that is not expressly Christian (Beethoven, Bach, etc. are not considered Christian). The only exception to the media policy is the weekly movie.

That’s right. Short hair, Calvin Klein and Bach will TURN YOU GAY. There’s a SEA of additional nonsense to wade through, but nothing pissed me off more than this “rule”:

Be honest, authentic, and real.

Unless… ya know… being honest makes the Jesus Freaks nervous, in which case you’ll be expected to lie and keep on lying until they feel that God has stopped being angry at you.

So who wants to join my elite squad of commandos and help mount an armed rescue effort?


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  • 1 Scott // Jun 9, 2005 at 10:08 am

    I’m in. I got the Red Commando Squad Car, I know how to operate assault rifles, and I’m on painkillers.

  • 2 Scott // Jun 9, 2005 at 10:10 am

    And one rule for our Elite Commando Freedom Squad, our uniform has to have something from Abercrombie and Fitch. And be hyper-masculine.

    HYPER masculine.

  • 3 funtax // Jun 9, 2005 at 11:47 am

    But I want to be CAMPY.

  • 4 Anonymous // Jun 11, 2005 at 10:06 am

    Can I be hyper-masculine even though I’m female? (and straight) I’m too middle-aged and chubby for A&F, though.

    What’s next? A frontal lobotomy? Castration? I wish I was joking, but both are “treatments” out of recent history. A certain “rebellious” Kennedy daughter comes to mind. Parents should not have the right to mindfuck their children.

    It seems only Christian parents have rights, though:

    Freedom of religion means freedom of ALL religions, including NO religion. And in the case of that kid being sent off to concentration camp, it means freedom FROM religion, too.

    If there’s anything someone off in the wilds of New England can do to help, beyond spreading the word, say the word and I’ll be on it.

  • 5 WhoWhatWhere // Jun 13, 2005 at 2:03 pm

    Dunno wtf that kid’s worried about. He can pretty much be an ass, give everyone the finger and not give a fuck about anything. If he breaks a few windows and paints a couple of pentagrams here and there, all while spreading Satanic doctrine to other kids, chances they’ll just kick him out after 1 week, and slap his parents with a 2 grand fine.

    For extra points, he can try converting some other kids there to homosexuality, now that’d be hillarious.

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