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Damn them…

June 20th, 2005 · 1 Comment · Misc.

…those happyslapping yobs!

It’s not a new dance step or even a new designer drug. It’s a criminal assault.

Groups of teenagers approach an unsuspecting person and begin punching and kicking him or her while capturing it all on their mobile camera phones. The images are later uploaded and shared on the Internet.

Happy slapping is the latest manifestation of what Britons call “yob culture.” The word “yob” dates to the 19th Century–it likely derives from “boy” spelled backward–and it denotes a kind of loutish, anti-social behavior associated with working-class youth in Britain’s urban centers. The British soccer hooligan is the quintessential yob.

“They are gangs of feral youths who are under no control from adults, parents or anyone else,” he said. “They are not concerned about respect or their responsibilities. The criminal justice system holds no fear for them. This is a national problem. Today it is Salford. Tomorrow, it will be somewhere else.”

Seriously… the English are NEVER allowed to mock Texans EVER AGAIN.


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  • 1 Lasik Surgery // Jun 21, 2005 at 9:50 am

    This is pervert! To knock somebody you dont know, just for a “good” feelin, to be the king in the group! Pervert! Cant say it enough! Hope some justice will getting harder to catch them from the streets, so our children can be still safe there!

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