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The New Front Line.

September 1st, 2005 · No Comments · Politics, Rants

“It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.”


Strange and dangerous days in the Big Easy. Things are getting worse and worse, just about everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except for a certain 27-story high rise fortified and patrolled by a team of heavily armed nerds.

Led by a former Special Forces guy who lists his interests as “assassination, crisis management, rescue operations, target interdiction, termination,” they’ve got connectivity and are holed up with a generator, oodles of fuel, ammo and supplies. They’re keeping tabs on looters, the police and the all-too-frequent cases where the two have started to mingle. If the authorities can’t restore order, folks like this can.

And that, my friends, is why it’s important that private citizens be allowed to own guns. LOTS of guns. Big, scary “not for hunting deer” guns. The kind of guns that enable you to raise an organized militia in times of crisis. The Second Amendment doesn’t protect you from the government or from foreign invaders. It protects you from (and allows you to protect) your fellow citizens. Because you’re only ever a few days from the State of Nature.

No matter where you live or how safe you THINK you are, all that stands between you and total fucking chaos is the very tenuous “protection” that is offered to you by your local authorities and the fear that it places in the hearts of the people you call “neighbors.” Remove or incapacitate those authorities and you’ll be in a world of hurt if you aren’t capable of fending for yourself to at least SOME degree. Think about THAT next time somebody tries to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban.


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