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September 16th, 2005 · No Comments · General

I’m finally moving from Wordpress 1.2 to 1.5x, so things will be a little funky for a bit until that’s done. Everything SEEMS to be working, though.


Comments are still annoyingly unsecure. I received comment spam in the handful of SECONDS between getting the site up and logging in to configure stuff. The WP crew REALLY needs to have them turned off by default and should probably start shipping the package with some kind of Captcha in place out of the box.


Anywho, I’m trying to get AuthImage back up and running. Until then, you’ll need to register and get approved by me in order to post any comments.


Comments are still fucked up, but whatever. I’ll cope with them later.

Overall, upgrading wasn’t awful. Some notes:

- The new themes system is MUCH nicer than the old template structure from 1.2. It took some tweaking to get the theme I started with to look marginally passable, but the end results are MUCH more flexible.

- RSS feeds should propagate correctly again. I have no clue what was broken previously or why.

- Bugs: The only things I’ve noticed are a funky issue where trying to bind the get_links_list submenu to the left column causes the style sheet to shit all over the list formatting and yet another weird corruption where copying some entries over from the SQL backup has caused some apostrophes to appear as gibberish. I’ll probably need to fix those by hand over god knows how long.

So that’s that for now.


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