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Everything old is creepy again.

October 11th, 2005 · No Comments · Misc., Rants

RealDolls are nothing new to even marginal netizens, but Salon has done a distressingly good job of making the behavior of “iDollators” revoltingly unnerving yet again:

When I ask Griggs how having Ginger and Kelly has affected his life — if perhaps he feels more confident — he writes, “I don’t like being around people at all now … the less human contact I have the happier I am. Yes, I do feel more confident. I realized not long after I got Ginger that I don’t really need anybody … I feel safer and more secure knowing that I will never waste my time and money on another human female that just wants to use me.” He adds, “I don’t have a lot of human friends and only 2 of them have seen Ginger and Kelly, and none of them or anyone else have or will ever lay a hand on them while I am living.”

Griggs is somewhat of a loner in the online doll world, an infrequent visitor to “Hello Dolly,” a labyrinthine cyber haven for sex-doll enthusiasts with nearly 12,000 members and thousands of photographs and message strands. (Out of respect for members’ privacy I have changed the name of the site.) Hello Dolly is a place where all my worst fears about men churned in an awful froth. Here were thousands of men who love the idea of peeling a woman’s face off and replacing it with another, who revel in taking pornographic photographs of their “girlfriends” and sharing them with their friends, men who glory in sex unfettered by the daily push-pull of a relationship, men who might have little respect for the word “no.” On a good day, as a female reporter lurking on the sidelines, I felt like the lone skirt at a Ducati convention, stunned in a testoster-zone. Visiting Hello Dolly on a regular basis over the course of about four months was like dropping in on an eternal gangbang.

Lucky us, good ol’ Gordon has a fanclub. If he seems… familiar, it’s probably because most of you have seen Gordon before:


Moving on, some short and profoundly unsettling snippets:

As with Davecat, relationships have eluded Everhard. “You see boys and girls walking around together, but how they get together is a huge mystery to me,” he says. “I just want to know, how does it happen?” he asks me, not, I think, entirely rhetorically.

Last winter, Everhard shared with the group the latest setback. “Caroline’s back is broken,” he wrote. “The first symptom was when I lifted her out of bed this morning. Her body seemed ’stretchy’ … In retrospect I am certain it was broken when we were having sex in bed this morning.”

Another time, an Asian undergraduate student at a university in California dropped his 1-year-old doll off for repairs. ["Real Doll Doctor" Slade] Fiero says the young man told him that his parents bought him the doll so that he would stay at home and study rather than go out chasing women. Fiero’s photographs of the damaged doll make me cringe: Her leg was torn off, revealing the steel hardware of her hip joints; an arm hung by an inch of silicone flesh; two fingers were severed; and the cleavage between her buttocks was torn into a ragged crevasse.

“Her vagina was so blown out,” Fiero told me. “I was appalled. I couldn’t believe someone could fuck something like that up so quickly. It blew me away. How could somebody be so callous?”

“I was offended in so many ways,” he continues. “He put her feet behind her head and reamed that doll with whatever cock he’s got. He fucked her violently. She was achieving positions she shouldn’t achieve or be forced to try. Her vagina and anus were a giant gaping hole.”

Fiero says he’ll never again make repairs for the student, who he now refers to as JTR — Jack the Ripper.

“He asked me if I could make him a silicone dog, because he was a breeder, and he didn’t want to hurt his dogs anymore, he said. He talked like right out of the movie ‘Deliverance.’” McMullen’s surfer-dude lilt plummets into a pungent drawl, “‘Aw, I don’t want to hurt ma dawgs, I like ma dawgs … kin you make me one so ah kin still use it fer the sex?’ And when I realized that he was legitimate, I was shocked. And I just politely said no, I’m sorry, gotta go, click.” Another prospective customer sent nude pictures of his 60-year-old mother, wanting a custom-built replica. Then there was the surgical pathologist who wanted a vagina duplicated from a specimen he had in a jar.

To be honest, I feel like highlighting the entire goddamn article because it’s such a relentless horror-show of degenerate madness that it’s hard to decide what the “most” distressing portion actually are. In any event, it’s worth reading if you’re worried about feeling too good about humanity as of late.


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