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What do you MEAN it’s just about my tits?

October 11th, 2005 · No Comments · Art, Misc., Rants


Half-wit, former scenester models shocked and appalled to find out that people care more about their boobs and butts than their blogs.

From NY Press:

SuicideGirls’ carefully cultivated claim of being female-run has been attacked as a marketing ploy, and one of its male owners attacked as a woman-hater. About 30 of the site’s best-known and most-popular models have left or been booted from the site in the last month, and their online journals purged. The idea that the site was as much about the girls’ minds as about their bodies—always transparently false, but for some reason accepted at face value by the girls, by a press all too eager to promote purportedly female-empowering porn and by a large female viewership willing to play along—has been exposed as a fraud.

This mythology of sexy, pierced women creating a frolicksome community was what drove the site’s popularity. As it turns out, though, neither Missy Suicide nor any other woman is the force behind the nudity. That would be one Sean Suhl, one of the four owners of SuicideGirls, and the one the departing girls all say is the power behind the throne, while Missy is mostly merely the public face. Sean’s possessed with a unique attitude of his own.

Whores, sluts and junkies are some of the names Caravella says Suhl has used to empower his models when not allegedly declaiming that “You guys are a bunch of vapid idiots,” “An ass-sex video wouldn’t have paid you as much,” or “Why don’t you just shut the fuck up, lady. No one asked you!”

It’s hard to take seriously girls who took off their clothes for money, and were then shocked—shocked!—that the man giving them money to get naked didn’t respect them. And it says nothing good that SuicideGirls has gotten nothing but glowing press up until now, as though the presence of a few blog entries and answers to cutesy, Nerve-style questionnaires (body mods, favorite bands, I lost my virginity…) meant that the tit-staring and related cock- and clit-stroking were somehow liberating, feminist, punk rock and so on.


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