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Oscar Roundup.

February 1st, 2006 · No Comments · Art, Movies, Rants

Inspired by Ralf, my picks for the Academy Awards for categories I actually have an opinion on (some from the actual list of nominees, some not):

Best Picture: A History of Violence and Lord of War (tie) - Both wildly underrated films that basically no one saw. Both string you along and make you think “I see where THIS is going.” Then they go somewhere else.
Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix, Walk the Line - The singing alone is worth a nod, especially after last year’s singing-free win.
Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line
Best Supporting Actor: William Hurt, A History of Violence - His brief time on the screen is truly unnerving.
Best Director: Werner Herzog, Grizzly Man - I suppose, technically, much of the film’s direction is actually editing, but Herzog uses the Treadwell footage in such a brilliant fashion and forms such a unique and uncompromising vision that I have a hard time not saying that his was the stand-out directorial effort of the year.
Best Foreign Film: Do BBC films count? If so, Why We Fight.
Best Adapted Screenplay: Josh Olson, A History of Violence
Best Animated Feature Film: Ugh. I actually didn’t see a single animated film worth voting for this year. I’m going to pretend the 2005 season of Justice League Unlimited was a movie and go with that.
Best Documentary Feature: Grizzly Man - For the record, it is a goddamn CRIME that this film didn’t get nominated. Also, Murderball, Enron: SGItR and the aforementioned Why We Fight were ALL better than the stupid penguin movie which is bound to win because the whole universe is aligned against me.

A note on Brokeback Mountain:

I figure it’ll rake in the awards which - in my opinion - will be unwarranted. Overall, it’s a fairly weak film when considered independent of its controversial subject matter. As I was watching the opening half hour or so of the film, all I could think was “if I didn’t know in advance what was going to happen, I would’ve fallen asleep by now.” By the time finally the film got to the hot cowboy-on-cowboy action, I felt like jumping up and cheering. Not because it was particularly moving, but rather because I was just happy to finally be done with Ang Lee’s extended inspection of the nature of shepherding and bean consumption. All things considered, it’s a better than average film with one excellent feature. Heath Ledger’s performance is impressive - especially when weighed against the over-the-top, cartoonish efforts of Jake Gyllenhaal. Ledger deserves his best actor nod, but beyond that, I’m hard-pressed to agree with the Academy’s choices.


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