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Blood in the water OR Hillary ‘08.

January 20th, 2007 · No Comments · Politics

Well, she’s done it. Hillary Clinton is officially running for President. I realize her choice to run was basically inevitable, but I still held out hope that she’d be reasonable and stay out of the race for Chief Executive. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Mrs. Clinton. She’s smart, passionate, dedicated and she can’t possibly be a worse President than the one we’ve got now. It’s because I’m somewhat fond of her that I wish she’d stayed away from this race.

Please realize the impending bloodbath is not about her being a woman and some shadow conspiracy amongst a silent, bigoted majority unwilling to allow any real cracks in the armor of the phallocracy. I honestly don’t think Americans would resist the right woman seeking office - at least not in large numbers. No, Hillary’s problem is that she really thinks she’s seen the worst of everything in politics already. She’s seen her ideas smashed to bits upon the rocks of bureaucracy, she’s had her name sullied by scandalous lies and meritless accusations of criminal misconduct and murder, she’s had to stand by an unfaithful husband as the whole of her personal life was placed on public display.

But what she’s been through previously is NOTHING compared to what she’ll face in the coming months. An army of dedicated fanatics has spent the past decade and a half honing their hatred of her to a fine, deadly point. Those same fanatics have had to settle for small prey in recent years, as the Democrats have been scarcely worth commenting on, much less attacking. They’re desperate, they’re hungry and they’ve been circling for YEARS, just waiting for her to take a shot at the Presidency. And now Hillary has basically covered herself in offal and jumped overboard into the waiting frenzy.

She’s going to get torn to pieces here and God help the Democrats if she gets the nomination.


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