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Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me…

February 12th, 2003 · No Comments · Misc., Rants

So it’s now 2:10 AM. I’ve been up since 4:00 AM yesterday, after sleeping 5 whole hours. I’ve been trying to sleep since midnight, but to no avail. I appear to have become too tired to sleep.

To make matters even better, I need to be up by 5:45 AM to get ready for work.


This is all thanks to the wonderful folks at USAA (”We Know What It Means To Serve”) and Geico (”We’re Cheap Because We Don’t Do Anything To Help You”) who are both actively fucking me over regarding the accident. Currently, it looks like USAA (the company representing the responsible driver) intends to drag their feet for three weeks or so, refusing to pay for anything (repairs, rental cars, etc.) until the police report posts. In the meantime, I will be exhausting the kindness of local coworkers and bumming rides to work.

I will also be shaking my fist at the sky and cursing the name of my insurance company - Geico - for being fucking spineless and devoid of anything even vaguely resembling dedication to their customers.

Evidently, I will also not be sleeping very much, since whenever I shut my eyes, I start having exceedingly vivid visions of blasting my claims adjuster with mind bullets through the phone.

In an effort to amuse myself, I will now pose action figures in obscene ways.

God bless America.


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