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February 20th, 2007 · No Comments · Politics

An Italian judge has ordered that a pregnant 13 year old girl have an abortion because her parents demand it.

It’s an interesting “slippery slope” case for the Pro-Life movement. In many states, the Pro-Lifers push initially for “parental notification” requirements for minors in the hopes that - I suppose - most Christian parents will refuse to allow their child to have an abortion. But handing control over to parents in one situation (the pregnant minor seeking an abortion) means handing control over in ALL situations (the minor, having just found our she is pregnant, decides to take the fetus to term). As near as I can tell, this is something the Pro-Life movement has clearly never taken into account.

The “notification” strategy has ALWAYS been about finding a way to let the parents control the child’s body, so I have no sympathy for Pro-Lifers who feel this decision perverts their intent.

It also brings up the obvious (and interesting) question:

How many parents would FORCE a pregnant minor to get an abortion if they had the choice?

I imagine many, many pregnant minors are quietly “encouraged” to abort by their parents, but I’ve never seen any serious discussion of that phenomenon from any side of the abortion debate. Personally, I find the Italian case to be just as revolting as cases in the US where a girl can’t get an abortion without parental consent. I want to feel like I’ve achieved some sort of victory based on ideological consistency, but I just can’t get past feeling awful for the poor girl.

All I can hope is that - somewhere - this story is making a Pro-Lifer aware of the sheer horror of having control of your own body and your own future torn away from you by your government.


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