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Look! Up in the sky!

March 22nd, 2007 · 1 Comment · Misc.

They’re doing something outside the window of my office on the eighth floor. I have no idea what, but it’s made me exceedingly nervous.


Initially, I thought it was the fact that - every few minutes - there’s a man two feet away from me with his hands and face pressed against the glass as he does… well… something with a caulk gun. But far creepier men do far creepier stuff to me at much closer range every day around this place, so that’s not probably not it.

I think the problem might be that the only experiences I’ve had with the window-washer mobile scaffold systems like the one outside my window come from movies and comic books, where the device inevitably malfunctions, flinging the anonymous handymen to their certain dooms (barring superheroic intervention).

I keep waiting to hear the tell-tale sound of metal cables straining and popping and flinging unwitting caulk-gunners to their untimely demises. It’s VERY distracting.


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  • 1 Aubrey // Mar 22, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    Josh has no love for his precious window. It has become the bane of his existence. Josh would rather it turned back into a cubicle wall. Meanwhile, Aubrey withers, along with her office plant, under fluorescent light all day long. We need no further proof the universe has no sense of justice.

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