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The Circle of Life.

June 6th, 2007 · No Comments · Misc., Politics

Ralf takes one of my drunken, off-hand comments and runs with it:

This inclines me to be inspired to write up a further list of candidate/Simpsons character parallels. But I don’t have time at the moment.

Well, okay. Maybe just a few….

Brownback=Reverend Lovejoy
The one where he is sad and playing with his trains.
(see above)

Tancredo=Moe Syzlak
“Immigants! I knew it was them. Even when it was the bears, I knew it was them.”
(runner up=Cletus, the Slack Jawed Yokel)

Huckabee=Ned Flanders
Nice but wacky. Especially the alternate reality Halloween episode version: ‘Don’t you remember Dad? Mike Huckabee is the unquestioned lord and master of the Earth.’

Paul=Comic Book Guy
External commentary on events, e.g. ‘Worst. Policy. Ever.’
runner up=Professor Frink (smart but not popular)

Romney=Kent Brockman
“Forget the eyes just give me the blush!”
runner up=Lionel Hutz

McCain=Police Chief Wiggum
Well meaning, bumbling, inclined to excessive use of force.
runner up=The crazy guy that runs the Army Surplus store

Giuliani=Sideshow Bob
The one where he runs for Mayor. “Your guilty consciences may cause you to vote Democratic. But deep down you want a cold hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals and rule you like a king.”

And so, Ralf makes my half-formed ideas funny.

The Internet. Just like college, only slower.


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