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Democratic Simpsons casting.

June 29th, 2007 · No Comments · Misc.

Ralf’s cast is posted here.

My take would be:

Joe Biden

Sideshow Raheem - An angry man. An angry, angry man.

Hillary Clinton

Cookie Kwan - Aggressive, overbearing, confident. Good at what she does, but profoundly unlikeable. Prone to screaming.

Chris Dodd

Hans Moleman - Doddering, frumpy, somewhat depressing to watch.

John Edwards

Tries to be Mr. Bergstrom:

Kind, compassionate, trustworthy.

Is secretly the Rich Texan:

Fabulously rich, Southern, unpredictable temperament, Senator.

Bonus Ann Coulter casting:

Has contracted “the gay.”

Mike Gravel

50/50 split between:

Crazy Cat Lady:


Space Coyote:

Dennis Kucinich

Gil Gunderson - Hard working, heart in the right place, utterly doomed to failure in all things.

Barack Obama

Tries to be Hank Scorpio from the beginning of the episode:

Smart, funny, hip, charismatic, generous.

But is secretly Hank Scorpio from the end of the episode:

Power-mad, megalomaniacal. Seeks access to nuclear arsenal for uncertain reasons.

Bill Richardson

Seymour Skinner - Smart and well meaning, but bumbling and with a track record no one really cares about.

And, of course, Al Gore

Al Gore, Vice Presidential Action Ranger - Defender of polar ice caps, space-time continuum.


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