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Hillary says goodbye.

February 22nd, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

Despite the anime spaceship captain outfit she was sporting, Hillary was good in tonight’s debate. Her only serious mistake was the godawful “Xerox” comment that got actual “boos” from the crowd (and rightly so).

Obama (who apparently has a bit of a cold at the moment) felt a bit off for the entire first 2/3 of the debate. Lots of “ums” and pausing during his answers.

The high point was definitely the health care portion, where the moderators just backed off and let the candidates hash out their differences for a good ten minutes straight.

Overall, I thought Clinton was slightly better than Obama all night long. Not enough to stop the bleeding in her campaign, but definitely strong enough to make it disappointing that she’s almost certainly done now.

Perhaps the most moving - and, by extension, most distressing - moment of the evening was Clinton’s closing remarks. Following a deeply mediocre statement by Obama, Hillary hit a home run. I’m not much for emotional campaigning, but something about what she said really resonated with me. It started off as a rather typical “hey, I’ve done my time in the trenches” gag, but it took a surprise 90 degree turn into complete, authentic affection and respect for people who’ve actually sacrificed for their country. I was taken completely off-guard. It felt honest and touching and I found myself preemptively mourning her exit from the campaign.

I rewatched the last few minutes of the debate a couple of times and it seemed strange that Clinton had failed to deliver this sort of performance previously. Like Romney at CPAC, it’s almost as if some candidates can’t be truly effective until they’ve given up any hope of winning.

Maybe a miracle will occur and Texas and Ohio will tilt in her favor. I can honestly say that I’d be ecstatic if they did. Hillary *IS* the better candidate for the Dems - at least in terms of quality. She may lack Obama’s gravitas, as it were, but we’ve had quite enough of that over the past eight years as it is. I can’t promise I’d vote for her in the general election in November, but after tonight I can say that I’ll definitely be sad to see her abandon her run at the Presidency.


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