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Nobody’s at the wheel.

March 20th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

Daily presidential tracking polls show that (nationally):

McCain leads Obama 49% to 42%.
McCain leads Clinton 51% to 41%.
Obama leads Clinton 46% to 43% - which is within the margin of error (+/-3) for the poll.

I keep wondering what - exactly - it’s going to take to break the deadlock on the Democratic side. Clinton is polling very strongly in PA (51% to 35%), which makes it tough to imagine a case where Obama lands a surprise “knock out” blow. There just aren’t enough “whiz bang” contests left to decide things after that.

One thing that’s clear is that this is a party without any leader at the moment. Howard Dean is an impotent - nearly invisible - specimen. Ted Kennedy used up his influence early in the contest. Bill Clinton has basically turned off the entire body politic with his ham-fisted bloviating. John Kerry tried to wade in a few months back, but everyone ignored him (much to the credit of “everyone”). Nancy Pelosi seems so anemic at times that I have to check wikipedia to remind myself that she’s still Speaker of the House. Geraldine Ferraro crawled out from under a rock just long enough to publicly disgrace herself (one assumes that Carter, Mondale and Dukakis have probably decided to stay under the rock as a result). John Edwards blew his chance and influencing the post-him race and now is left clutching a handful of useless delegates. Rom Emmanuel is so torn by conflicting loyalties that the last I heard from him he literally stated his intention was to “hide under his desk” during the primary. Hell, I saw George McGovern on Colbert a few days back and I damn near felt like he might be the best candidate for “Emeritus Sage” for the party at the moment.

There is, of course, the Democratic pipe-dream of Gore descending from his pristine, eco-friendly tower of fame and fawning celebrity acolytes and simply declaring a victor (or - in some crazy scheme of epic proportion - make an 11th hour run at the nomination during the convention), but that seems unbelievably unlikely. It must, however, feel nice to know he COULD just walk in, kick Bill in the nuts and hand the nomination to Obama.

So we’re left with… well… NOBODY, as far as I can see. Who the heck can step up and give this party the swift kick in the ass that it needs if it’s going to give McCain a run for his money in the general election?


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