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April 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Art, Misc.

Battlestar Galactica comes back tonight. After starting super-strong, last season spooked me all throughout the surprisingly weak middle portion. But things took a decent turn for the better by the end, so I’m hoping that the extended time off has given them the chance to get everything on track and deliver a solid fourth season.

[UPDATE] Not bad, but nowhere nearly as strong as the start of last season. They need to start hauling ass on this narrative if they’re going to wrap up the whole series in a satisfactory fashion this season.


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  • 1 ralf // Apr 5, 2008 at 10:08 am

    I really like BSG, but I also thought the new episode was only so-so. More exposition than story. At least they got rid of ‘that damned song’.

    Also, is it just me, or does 12 Cylon models=12 Zodiac symbols, making the skinjobs ‘the gods’ and the BSG refugees are the one’s that found the colonies, because they are all caught in some sort of ‘all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again’ time loop?

    Just spitballing.

  • 2 funtax // Apr 5, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    One of my great fears is that it will just turn out to be one, big, irritating hodge-podge of the view of dime-store metaphysics from within Ronald Moore’s drug-addled hippy brain.

    He’s already admitted to making large changes to the storyline based on dreams he’s had AND that he no longer has any idea what to do with Adama’s character. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it all “come together” as a deeply disappointing mess of half-formed ideas.

    “The CYLONS represent ANCIENT WISDOM - the Zodiac, the Roman pantheon - all of that! But because they’re ALSO like… ROBOTS, man… so they can EVOLVE faster than humans. So they START ancient, but then get… like… MODERN really fast.

    And they realize that the old ways are like… DONE FOR, man and they give up on ancient ways and become MONOTHEISTS - totally POST-MODERN or something.

    So they have to spread their faith and to do that they have to force the humans to be like the JEWS in the DESERT. SO I had the humans go out into the “desert” of SPACE, man. But not for FORTY YEARS, man. Instead, they’re out they’re for FOUR SEASONS.

    Like… TV seasons. Not… like… WEATHER seasons. That would be lame.

    So now, everybody is like a PROPHET waiting for SPACE MOSES - I think that’ll be Adama, but I might have it be the President or maybe Kara, anyway ONE of them is gonna die - to show them to the Promised Land.

    So EARTH is the Promised Land. Like… the WHOLE EARTH. So the “space Jews” will inherit the WHOLE EARTH. Which leads me back to the original point of the show - that the US needs to stop supporting Israel because the REAL Jews control the media. Which is why “Caprica” is in development hell.”

  • 3 ralf // Apr 5, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    ‘It’s like, a mixed metaphor, but in SPACE…’

    That would, indeed, be bad…

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