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Helen Killer

April 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Art

I don’t know if I should laugh:

Now, though, I can say it with certainty: Helen Killer is awesome.

The story’s presented as a serious affair, but there’s an underlying self-awareness that Andrew Kriesberg and JLD Rice bring to the table that showcases the fantastic goofiness of the project. I mean, for one thing, the review copy included an extended solicitation where you find out that Bell’s Omnicle also grants Helen the power to “see into men’s souls” (which is rad), and for another, this is a comic where Helen Keller has berserker rages.

I’ll repeat that, as it bears repeating: This is a comic where Helen Keller has berserker rages.

Or cry:

This is the stupidest goddamned comic I’ve ever read. And I’ve read Secret Wars II.

In 1902, Helen Keller is given a new invention by friend and mentor Alexander Graham Bell: A pair of goggles called the Omnicle. The Omnicle can restore Helen’s sight and hearing, as well as endowing her with superhuman strength and agility. After seeing a demonstration of her abilities, the Secret Service ask Helen to protect President McKinley from a suspected assassination plot by anarchists.


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  • 1 Chris Sims // Apr 6, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Come on. Who ya gonna trust?

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